The HDR Cup is a trophy presented to the winner of matches between Swinburne FC and Old St. Kevin’s Soccer Club, both of which utilise Howard Dawson Reserve (HDR) as their home ground.

Only matches played at HDR will be considered for the HDR Cup; matches played at any other venue will not be counted.

Historically, the HDR Cup was only contested when both clubs’ senior men’s teams faced each other. However, due to Swinburne FC and St. Kevin’s senior teams no longer competing in the same league (State League 5 East), the Cup has been played against St. Kevin’s thirds side as well.

Nathan Gorga (left) & Jack O'Shea (right) after Swinburne FC won the 2019 HDR Cup


Year Winner Result Match
2019 Swinburne FC 1-0 Match 1
2015 Draw 2-2 Match 3
2015 Old St. Kevin's 1-0 Match 2
2015 Draw 3-3 Match 1
2014 Old St. Kevin's 1-0 Match 2
2014 Draw 1-1 Match 1
2013 Swinburne FC 2-0 Match 2
2013 Old St. Kevin's 2-1 Match 1
Joel Kleber in the HDR Cup (2014)
HDR Cup action (2013)